Shiso Sorbet with Mango and Grains of Paradise

by Chef Charlie Trotter

This recipe comes to TableFare compliments of Chef Charlie Trotter as part of his contribution to Spice Inspirations .The level of elegance, textural and flavor interest that this recipe delivers is so beyond the minimal effort required to make it; it will truly impress your dinner guests.  This dish makes a perfect inter-mezzo, to serve between courses, or a beautiful salad course. It may look intimidating at first glance with so many components, but there isn't anything trickier than slicing, stirring, heating and cooling. The various components don't even need to be made at the same time so the prep can be broken out over the course of a couple of days. 

A few ingredient notes from a home cook:

Shiso Sorbet with Mango and Grains of Paradise

1150 gr. water
160 gr. sugar
50 gr. atomized glucose
187 gr. sake
100 gr. red shiso leaves
Rice wine vinegar to taste


Bring water, sugar, atomized glucose and sake to a boil.  Add red shiso leaves and let steep overnight.  Pass liquid through a fine sieve and season with salt and rice wine vinegar to taste.  Spin sorbet in an ice cream freezer according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Pickled Green Mango

6 oz. rice wine vinegar
4 oz. mirin
4 oz. simple syrup
1 T. Grains of Paradise
2 " piece of fresh ginger, sliced
2 Thai Chiles
1 stalk lemon grass, bruised
Salt to taste


Bring rice wine vinegar, mirin, simple syrup and all spices to a boil.  Slice green mango into thin slices using a Japanese mandolin.  Put mango slices into the hot pickling liquid and let steep overnight. When ready to use, julienne mango as needed.

Mango - Grains of Paradise Tuile

1 ripe mango, pureed and passed through a sieve
Grains of  Paradise


Blend Grains of Paradise and mango puree together.  Spread puree thinly on a non-stick baking sheet.  Place in a dehydrator overnight until completely dry. Bend tuile into desired shape directly out of the dehydrator.

Grains of Paradise Jelly

200 gr. water
1 t. Grains of Paradise, ground
2 T. sake
1 T. sugar
3 sheets of Gelatin


Bloom gelatin in cold water, set aside.  Heat water and Grains of Paradise together.  Stir in sake and sugar.  Squeeze water from the sheets of gelatin and melt gelatin in the hot Grains of Paradise liquid.  Chill in the cooler until set. Stir frequently to disperse the Grains of Paradise equally in the jelly.

To assemble the dish

1 mango, diced

Arrange diced fresh mango, julienne pickled mango, and Grains of Paradise Jelly in a shallow bowl.  Place a quenelle of shiso sorbet in the bowl.  Garnish with julienne of fresh shiso leaves, micro shiso, mango tuile and Grains of Paradise.

This recipe is posted with the permission of Charlie Trotter.