Notice: You are browsing an archived version of the TableFare website. Please note that SpiceCare containers are no longer available from this site or any retail location.

SpiceCare Word Template

With this Microsoft Word template, you can create a label sheet filled with all the spice names you need and then customize it with your favorite font.

Download the template
Right-click the following link and save the file to a location on your hard drive.
Open the template
You must either have Microsoft Word installed on your computer, or some other program that is capable of opening Word files.
Take a look at how this document is built
It's essentially just one big table, with the cells set to the exact size of a SpiceCare label. Please be careful to not change any of the table properties (such as column width or row height) or else the labels may no longer fit on your containers.
Fill it in with your favorite things
This is why you're here! Fill in the table cells with the spice names you need to acheive perfect spice organization in your kitchen. You can enter up to 45 names.
Customize the appearance, if desired
Don't like the default font that the template uses? Change it! Just make sure that the resulting printed words will still show through the window in the faceplate when you put them on your SpiceCare containers.
Print your label sheet
Once everything looks how you want it, you can print your label sheet to your choice of paper. Remember, SpiceCare containers do not use sticky labels, so you should use regular paper (though it can be any color or style that you want).After you print your label sheet, cut them apart along the light gray lines and attach them to your SpiceCare containers.

Note: Do not try to feed the labels that came with your SpiceCare product into your printer as they may become jammed and cause damage. Only use paper that is suitable for your printer.